Thursday, September 1, 2011

NfuOh Online Shopping

Fans of NfuOh in Singapore and Malaysia will be pleased that our webshop will be opening in Sep/Oct 2011 !

GELIST by Nfu.Oh Coming Soon !

Monday, October 4, 2010

French Nude Specials

contact 62381890 for orders "Quote CHIC Promo"

Monday, May 11, 2009

NfuOh Collections by Ecsalonce

Ecsalonce has specially put together 3 special collections, each containing 12 exceptional colors which are our favourite flavors of the season.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

NfuOh New Focus Collection - Starlight Memory I, II, III

Starlight Memory I - Under Daylight (please note that color will be more vibrant after finish filing and sealed with gloss)

Starlight Memory I - Against Flash (see hint of gold/bronze glitter flakes)

Starlight Memory II - Under Daylight

Starlight Memory II - Against Flash (see hint of blue/green glitter flakes)

Starlight Memory III - Under Daylight

Starlight Memory III - Against Flash (see hint purple of glitter flakes)

NfuOh New Focus Collection - Sweet Sugar I, II, III

Sweet Sugar III - Under Daylight

Sweet Sugar III - Against Flashlight (see hint of purple sparkles)

Sweet Sugar II - Under Daylight

Sweet Sugar II - Against Flash (See hint of green sparkles)

Sweet Sugar I - Under Daylight

Sweet Sugar II - Against Flash (see hint of gold/bronze sparkles)

NfuOh New Focus Collection - Jelly Series

The new Rainbow Jelly collection are sheer colors with the effect of color drops and the appearance of stained glass. Perfect for base application as well as 3D.
Image of nails created from the new cover foundation and jelly collection
Rainbow Jelly II Color Chart - under Daylight

Rainbow Jelly II Color Chart - Against Flashlight

Rainbow Jelly I - Under Daylight

Rainbow Jelly I - Against Flashlight

NfuOh Acrylic - New Focus Collection

The new opaque cover foundation colors are excellent to camouflage nailbeds, extend them, used as base design as well as 3D.

Glitter Cover Foundation Color Chart - Under Daylight

Glitter Cover Foundation Color Chart - Against Flashlight

Cover Foundation Color Chart - Under Daylight

Color Foundation Color Chart - Against Flashlight

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nfu.Oh Luxury Logo Sticker

This item is limited in stock. Size of the sticker per piece is 370x430mm

Quantity per piece ranges from 80pcs - 144pcs depending on size of design.

Available in Gold and Silver.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nfu.Oh Luxury Diamond Spangle

Diamond shaped spangle that reflects light and used under gel/acrylic. Available in Gold/Silver
Product Code : DIAS#

Nfu.Oh Luxury Opal Jewelry

This is the powder mixture of grounded natural opal (a type of precious stone) for the luxurious expression to nailart effect. Use with clear powder/gel.

Available in 6 colors :

OJ-01 Opal White, OJ-02 Opal Yellow, OJ-03 Opal Orange, OJ-04 Opal Pink, OJ-05 Opal Blue Violet, OJ-06 Opal Blue Green

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spatula & Knife Design Tool

This is an important tool for my design work to do profiling, cutting, scraping, to pick up crystals, to stir gels in the pot, push back cuticles,...anything you can think of !

Nfu.Oh Acrylic System

The NailArt 10th Anniversary Magazine by Nfu.Oh

113 pages of ultimate nail artworks by Oh Hyun Jung

Nfu.Oh ArtFoil and Thread

Nfu.Oh Luxury Dry Flowers

The flowers are dyed before harvesting and pressed dry and the colors do not run.
For use with acrylic and gel, you can soak in monomer to soften the flower making it more pliable before placing them for your nail design.