Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nfu.Oh Luxury Diamond Spangle

Diamond shaped spangle that reflects light and used under gel/acrylic. Available in Gold/Silver
Product Code : DIAS#

Nfu.Oh Luxury Opal Jewelry

This is the powder mixture of grounded natural opal (a type of precious stone) for the luxurious expression to nailart effect. Use with clear powder/gel.

Available in 6 colors :

OJ-01 Opal White, OJ-02 Opal Yellow, OJ-03 Opal Orange, OJ-04 Opal Pink, OJ-05 Opal Blue Violet, OJ-06 Opal Blue Green

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spatula & Knife Design Tool

This is an important tool for my design work to do profiling, cutting, scraping, to pick up crystals, to stir gels in the pot, push back cuticles,...anything you can think of !

Nfu.Oh Acrylic System

The NailArt 10th Anniversary Magazine by Nfu.Oh

113 pages of ultimate nail artworks by Oh Hyun Jung

Nfu.Oh ArtFoil and Thread

Nfu.Oh Luxury Dry Flowers

The flowers are dyed before harvesting and pressed dry and the colors do not run.
For use with acrylic and gel, you can soak in monomer to soften the flower making it more pliable before placing them for your nail design.

Luxury Crushed Shell Stone

The grinded mixture of natural shells from the sea in 12 different shades. You can use this to substitute the nailart effects of glitter with a luxurious, shiny, irrediscent appearance.

Product Code : LCS#

CS-01 White, CS-02 Yellow, CS-03 Orange, CS-04 Red
CS-05 Magenta, CS-06 Pink, CS-07 Violet, CS-08 Mauve
CS-09 Blue, CS-10 Green, CS-11 Yellow Green, CS-12 Ivory
Sold in a collection of 10 assorted colors packed in 1/4oz jar

Nfu.Oh Luxury Shell Wrap

The shell wrap is extremely flexible and does not crack with a self adhesive backing. Cut to desired shape and size, peel off sticker paper and use on your nail as base design under acrylic or gel. Available in 30 shades.

Product Code : LSW#

Nfu.Oh Luxury Design Shell

Available in 24 designs, 7 colors per design. Made with natural mother-of-pearl pre-cut design for use by embedding into your acrylic or gel nails. (Packing in polybag of 20pcs per pack).
#1 to 20-4 White
#21 to 40-4 Yellow
#41 to 60-4 Pink
#61 to 80-4 Blue Violet
#81 to 100-4 Natural Black
#101 to 120-4 Orange
#121 to 140-4 Green
Product Code : LDS#

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nfu.Oh Luxury Cuticle Flower Oils

The scent of the flower oil is heavenly, available in 12 flavours and 17ml packaging, excellent retail item.

Nfu.Oh Luxury Nail Treatment

Nfu.Oh Luxury Victorian Nail Enamel 17ml

Available in 132 shades of exquisite colors in 17ml corset packaging. An excellent item for retail.
Click on the color chart to enlarge.
Product Code : LVC# for Classic Colors (102 Shades - Cream, Pearl, Shimmer)
LVO# for Opal Series (24 Shades)
LVH# for Hologram Series (6 Shades)

Nfu.Oh New Focus Collection (48 Colors)

The new Focus collection is a riot! It consists of 4 trays of 12 colors each :
Pastel Collection #1-12 Product Code : FCP
Gold & Bronze Collection #1-12 Product Code : FCGB
Silver & Grey Collection #1-12 Product Code : FCSG
Red & Wine Collection #1-12 Product Code : FCRW
All are 3D color powders. Also excellent for use as coating and marbling.

Nfu.Oh Micro Slice Powder Collection 1 & 2

I absolutely adore the micro slice collection. Available in 24 colors it contains tiny micro slice glitters that I use to sculpt a lot. The color rocks !
Product Code : MSP-1 (#1-12) and MSP-2 (#13-24)

Nfu.Oh Professional 90 Color Collection

Nfu.Oh 90 Color Collection is made up of 5 trays of 18 colored acrylic powder each :

Garden Festival 1 and 2 are matte/pearlized colors excellent for use in 3D creations. I also use it as color coating for my mixed media and fantasy nail art as the colors stay true and bright. No top coat is necessary to seal the colors, The dry, fine, matte texture looks fabulous.

Luxury Gem, Sweet Candy and Beautiful Jewelry collections are glitter based. It is excellent for sculpting your nail extensions. The Sweet Candy collection can actually be used for 3D if you double dip it with the Garden 1 & 2 collections. It gives your 3D creation an extra bling.

Sold as a set of 90 colors which comes in a beautiful carrying case with 4 Files (100grit, 180grit, 220grit & magic shiner)

Product Code : P90C